Friday, 28 October 2016

Self MOC, Elephant Knight

You have already seen this guy in a post by Onvermel, but I figured it was time to actually properly introduce my Self MOC. (No, I'm not lazy.....Just busy.)

I can basically describe this guy as a Blacktron Elephant Jedi/Sith Pirate Bionicle. Whcih means That I have the ability to post him across my three blogs (This one, Color it Blacktron, [which I did], and my kind of defunct A Pirate Brick for Me)

This is is unique among all my MOCs, as he doesn't fit into my (And Onvermel's) personal universe. Still, it had to be done. as he combines all of my Lego loves

I am most proud of his head, it turned out very well.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Bionicle fans are wierd

So over the past year or so I've been able to observe Bionicle fans in their natural habitat. The internet! Being able to observe this I have noticed just how weird they are. Mainly in the fact that most seem to not be able to accept that Bionicle is done because it just didn't work. I constantly see post and discussions about what could have been done and what the 'real" reason they failed. They keep coming up with silly ideas of how it failed compared to Gen 1. I've seen it all now from the fact they had no canister to blaming the marketing. Really I can't say what it was and I never will unless Lego tells us but what annoys me is the fact that people can't seem to live with this idea that we might never know and it could just be as simple as kids just didn't really like it. Maybe Bionicle just isn't a popular thing. Even if it was just like Gen 1 it may have still ended.

A bit of a rant but I truly wish people would just leave it be and except the fact that it's over and there is nothing we can or could of done about it.


MOC Rockoh

So I decided to put Bionicle and Rockraiders together and this is the result. Rockoh Glatorian of junk collecting.
More pictures can be found here 

So back story for this character goes as such.

 Rockoh used to live on Bara Magna as a collector trying to find anything he could and learned to horde anything he did get. So when Mata Nui defeated Makuta and reformed Spherus Magan he went crazy with all the new junk from the Matoran Universe and starting collecting like crazy. He got anything from Rakshi armor, kanoka disk, zamor spheres which he refitted his thornax launcher to use and also a powerless kakama. 

As you can see he has a lot of junk.  

Monday, 24 October 2016

MOC Dukat Toa of Stone

Hmm two posts in one day? That never happens. So many months ago I posted my self moc and today I will be showing the first of his team mates with their new bodies that are now in the same style as Onvermel as they all used the mata build before.
 This is his original form and I tried to keep him feeling the same. Fun fact Hanahtu was actually the one who build Dukat after I had decided their was a grumpy toa of stone who was Vakamu's buddy (I'll post him next).
Hopefully I'll get around to posting bios on these guys as there is quite a lot to the characters.

Roodaka MOC found on Flicker

So searching Flickr I came across this amazing rendition of Roodaka by [Oblivious].  You an find more of his/her amazing mocs here.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

More Posters for the wall!

A while back I contacted our older siblings to see if they would be willing to hand down their old Bionicle posters, as they no longer seemed to have much interest in their Bionicle collection. A couple weeks ago, Hau One (Who lives many, many Kios away) was recently visiting because of Canadian Thanksgiving, and he found where his were. He kindly donated them to our wall.
The Hanahtu side.

Posters acquired were 3 Toa, Onua, Pohatu, and Tahu, 2 Turaga, Onewa and Vakama, 2 Bohrok Va, Pahrak and Tahnok, and the mask list. I got the Pohatu (As it didn't have the stripe at the bottom with all the Toa, so no all my Toa posters match) and the two Va posters. Onvermel got the rest.
The Onvermel side.

As for the posters belonging to Lost Matoran and Mithra Nui, Well, they both have said they know where they are, and both would consider parting with them. If that is the case, then both Onvermel and myself will have all 6 Toa posters, will both be missing one Turaga poster (Maybe, we aren't entirely sure which Turaga ones Lost Matoran had) as well as a couple more Va. Oh, and I should complete my Mata Matoran posters to match Onvermel. Sadly, none of our older siblings have any of the Mctoran posters. The only ones any of us had were acquired by buying a set off of Bricklink.

To our count, there are 30 posters (Plus some others, but they aren't cool) Six Toa, 6 Turaga, 6 Mctoran, 6 Mata Matoran, and 6 Bohrok Va. Currently, Onvermel has 19, and I have 15. Onvermel has the lead due to him having the complete set of the Mata Matoran, and one more Turaga. We have equal amounts of Toa (The exact same 4, even) and both have two Mctoran and three Va.

Friday, 21 October 2016

More collecting!

So with an order we did recently we got some free stuff that was shipped afterwards and coming from work it was here waiting for me. I got the Fiku (hope that's spelled right) spider and the trrans-neon green miru while Hanahtu got the orange Vahi. So now we both have both colours of Vahi's

Dentar-3rd Stage

So again sooner that I would have thought but I've gotten a lot of work done on the leg and a bit in the foot. Can't really continue till a Bricklink order comes in so expect a new update probably by the end of this month or early November.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Final thoughts on BionicleGen 2 (more or less)

So now that the "Makuta contest" is done and it being the last bit part of Gen 2 to happen and with me having all the sets, read all the books, watched all the animations and Netflix show. I feel I should give my thoughts on my perspective of the second generation of Bionicle that Lego had given us.

So to start I'll say it truly was amazing to see Bionicle return in the first place as I never really believed that it could come back as it didn't seen like a very likely thing for Lego to do. Now getting in to it I'll talk about several aspects individually such as sets, story, the Netflix show/animations, it as a conclusion, how it lived up to Gen 1, what it meant to me and kinda whatever else.

1.-Sets- Okay I'll say this right now at first I was super against the usage of the Hero Factory(CCBS) but that was more be being a stubborn Hero Factory hater at the time(I didn't actually hate it but I was very disappointed in it). However I did grow to appreciate it and was always able to understand why Lego did this. I still enjoy gen 1 sets and their more technic parts but I have found that a blend of the two is a great for mocing and really adds a lot to building figures. The sets truly did impress me as they really did feel Bionicle to me even though they used CCBS which really did impress me. These are some of the funnest to pose and play with that Bionicle has ever had. Not to mention they look really cool (well most of them). As meny say they blended form and function really well with the new gear functions. However I will not that I was dissapointed in the lack of nice large sets like the titans of gen 1 which many were outstanding sets. The only real "titan' we got was Umarak the Destroyer and he was okay but nothing on the level of gen 1 titians. The Makuta titan form combo model is pretty nice I'll say but doesn't quite have the same solid build like Brutaka or Axonn. Over all the sets were great and brought a lot of great building technics like Lewa uniter's legs and they all looked pretty goooood and I am very happy with how they turned out even if the mask weren't compatible with gen 1 heads.

2-Story-Well their may not of been a lot of it and a lot of it was portrayed for a younger age but I will say I loved it. The mystery of the toa and makuta plus the locations that were never looked into further detail all was really gripping as I found I searched high and low to find more information on everything as I was fascinated by it all.  All the locations that never got explored more like the maze, temple or time, the ancient city was all kept rather vague which made me more curious and wanted to know more. As for the actaul plot I found it rather interesting particularly in the toa not remembering their past and the vahi. Oh the vahi how you torture me. The mask of time was truly the part that fascinated me the most as they kept hinting that the gen 1 vahi was the bottom half of the gen 2 vahi which I believe was the story team's way of connecting the two universes with out actually doing by leaving ti to our imaginations. I have a feeling this was something they were never going to explain and leave it ambiguous. Now the story element that I liked the most was actually Makuta's character as he wasn't origianlly bad and was more or less just jealous of Ekimu and I found that rather compelling. Seeing him this time being corrupted rather just being evil because was a nice fresh start for him. I've found as I've grown older that I am finding villains that aren't naturally bad to be more interesting. It may of been a short 1.5 year run and not a lot of story but I think what it did have was really good and worthy of being called Bionicle.

3.-Netflix/Animations- When I first saw the animations I was really disappointed as they were kinda "childish" and not serious enough however I did grow to like them even if I still have some issues with them. I really felt gen 2 needed some really epic visual media as it didn't have any of that if you ask me. Gen 1 may not off had to much epic visual media but it did have some such as the promo animations for mahri nui which I thought that those commercial where fenrakking awesome with the help of the animations and music plus Christian Faber's helping out with them as he was awesome with gen 1. Even the original 2  movies had their epic moments. I guess what I'm saying is gen 2 didn't need to be a super epic story but could of really used some nice epic moments (I'm using the word epic way to much). I will admit the animations did what they were suppose to do tell the first year's story. Now the Netflix show is more mixed for me cause at some times I really like it while at other moments I feel it was really sad. I can't truly say if it was better that the gen 1 movies as I have way to much nostalgia for those but I would like to think that at least Mask of Light and Legends of Metru nui were better to watch than the netflix show. I really did like the first half for the most part but the second half really did a number on it as far  as my opinion on it as it was really bad. Didn't help at that point I was really hyped for it and being rather dissapointed and then having the cancellation of Bionicle mentions the next day. So kinda sour around the time I saw it. In time I may change my mind we shall see. Mainly witht eh netflix show I really thought the characters weren't nearly as strong as the toa and matoran characters from the original gen 1 movies. Also I am very mad that I won't be getting my Journey to One on DVD. Possibly I had to high expectations for the show but I truly was disapointed in it. Come on Lego I know you could of done better!

4.-It's conclusion- Way to rushed and poorly done. I could see kinda how year three would have gone and seemed like it would have been really cool and exciting however because it got cut way to short the had to smoosh two years together which didn't just let us not truly see what year three would be like but it also ruined the second year story arch which really bugs me. I am glad it got a conclusion and closure but I do believe they could of done it better. Some may say gen 1's wasn't to good either but I believe it was much better and turned less rushed (maybe). Really the biggest part about it's conclusion that annoys me was that Makuta didn't really do anything at all and the mask of time and toa's origins were never really explained. Yes I am aware the toa's origins were explained a little in JTO but I don't it and feel it was just a quick idea throw in last minute. I still want the mask of time explained!

5.-Living up to Gen1- Ehhh.....kinda. It felt like Bionicle and had a good story great sets but it as a whole kinda had really big shoes to fill as gen 1 was truly an amazing thing lego created and gave us as fans. With generation lasting ten years and gen two only lasting one and a half it's hard to compare fairly but in the first one and a half years obviously did better even if they didn't have any movies or netflix shows. What it did have was books, comics, board games, collectables (that were actually real collectables), and the Mata Nui Online Game (kinda it's trump card). It really did have a lot more for it's time. It's sets on some cases lived up but it's titans really didn't. So did it leave up? I would say no which is apparent as it was canceled so early on which truly was a same. Honestly I didn't expect it to live up to gen 1 but it tried.

6.-What it meant to me- For me personally Gen 2 was amazing as it revived my love for Bionicle to a new level as I started going full collector in the sets and masks, krana, kraata, books, movies and other stuff I can get my hands on. I started building more (sorta) and ended up creating a lot more to my own universe (Trinity Universe) by creating a lot of characters, places and stories(sorta more like back stories). I've created my own lore that I can call my own that has gathered traction over the last year of so. It also is the reason I started watching Bionicle youtubers, joined BZPower and BioSecotor01.  Most importantly it is the reason I started this blog which isn't really going as planned as I never did set reviews but I am still planning to work on those species reports and character bios. I just need more time to kinda figure it out. Also on this note Gen 2 did make me want to start a Youtube channel of my own which is in it's preparation stages so well see. The biggest thing Gen 2 means to me is being a part of Bionicle community as it started and ended and actually being here to see it happen as gen 1 I was kinda young when it started and was kinda behind on it when it ended as I had to use BioSector01 to get most my information. So no matter my negative opinions on aspects of gen 2 I has been a awesome part of my life and I do truly like it and am really grateful Lego brought it back again.

So final thought on Gen 2. It was new fresh andfelt like Bionicle. It had great sets, a gripping and mysterious story,fun books and graphic novels, and pretty neat contests. In a nut shell Gen 2 was a great theme of Lego and I wished it could of gone longer to see it's true potential. Gen 2 you were a fun time.


Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Recent acquisitions

So over the last few weeks I've acquired some more special collectables. The trans-clear mask of fire from 2015 which arrived in the mail actually just in time for Brickcon. By this I mean the day before we left. While at Brickcon I was also able to pick up a gold vahi and the disk of time.
 I was also able to get a few more krana kal for collecting but those aren't as interesting. Also seeing as Hanahtu had a gold vahi for his toa I decided to compare the two as his always was a little brighter than other gold parts. The result being a slight colour variant with mine (being on the right) as a regular shade of dark gold while Hanahu's (on the left) being a little brighter. In person it's a little easier to see however I feel as the photo shows it well enough. 

Friday, 14 October 2016

Dentar-2nd Stage

So didn't think I would add an update so soon but I guess I am. I have now gotten a good amount to his torso and started to figure out how his hips will go. The part I really glad I got working on his his spine. I really feel it's coming alone well.

Can't guarantee any more updates soon as I'll be need to acquire more pieces before I can really continue.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Dentar-1st Stage

So I have begun the process the building or rather rebuilding my largest Bionicle character Dentar. Dentar I first created in April 2008 an it was well...Really bad.

He was in basically me wanting to build the largest Bionicle in the family which I did. Sadly in those days my building skills and collection size were both pretty dismal so he was crap. I did try a second time but he wasn't that more interesting
This guy was larger and overall better but still crappy. Now I have revisited the idea of building a large figure who's name is Dentar. So far I have an arm and part of the frame of the body.
 Looks much better in person so I'll probably try getting pictures for the next update. My only real goals are for him is a to be at LEAST two feet tall and acceptable to my standards of builds. 

So here's to probably a lot of trial and error plus not having enough pieces for him right now.


Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Callan's Curse-Prologue

 -Note this is what I meant to about the Callan Narcotics leading to something.-

"It all started many months ago. I was looking at my mask collection and realized that the misprints of the Ruru's and Matatu's were needed for my collection.". With this thought PurpleWolf knew what he had to do he must go search out Bricklink to acquire these masks. 

However when looking on Bricklink he was faced a problem for none were for sale! "Noooooooo"! he screamed out "who could do this to me"? 

Suddenly the answer came to him. It was Callan! "Curse you Callan"!

"So Callan it's you who has all the Rurus eh? Well I swear on my fedora that I will hunt you down and claim what should have been rightfully mine". With that his adventure begins. 

Monday, 10 October 2016

Makuta 2016 Combo model

So seeing as we never got a 2016 Makuta set I figured may as well go with the flow and build the combo model that is as close as we can get to an official model of him. However I could not find a Umarak the Hunter so he is still missing some stuff such as a blade for his left arm, the mask of control, some black armor which is replaced by extra trans orange, and a few other small part here and there.

I must say he is quite the interesting build as well as a interesting looking model. He's large and imposing which is always nice and decently poseable. I am however a little disappointing in his arms as they seem a little skinny and his body looks just a little fat. I guess he's been eating to many pizza pops. Also I wish they had used the trans purple pieces instead of trans orange as it would have felt more accurate for Makuta. I feel it wouldn't of been to hard seeing as Onua, Quake Beast, and the creature of earth all have purple. So just using Quake beast instead of Tahu and the creature of fire use Quake beast and the creature of earth. I bet the designer could of come up with basically the same result. However overall I am happy with it and am glad to add it to my 2016 collection. 


Saturday, 8 October 2016

Brickcon 2016 (Part 2)

Now to take a look at the loot!

 So this first picture is mostly system but the Bionicle stuff includes...Kohrak kal(with canister), Lehrak kal (with canister), Lewa Nuva (with canister), Onua (eith canister) 3ish bags of loose bionicle parts, a nice card board Bionicle 2015 display sign, a zamore sphere set (sealed) and a sealed Lord of Skull Spiders to start the building of he combo model of the Journey to One Makuta.
 Second I got a bunch of titans and other sets with not box or instructions. This includes, Brutaka, Axonn, Vezon and Fenrakk, Tuma, Nidhiki, Takanuva, Nocturn, Lesovikk, Gadunka, Fero and Skirmix, Kaxium V3,Muaka (but not the kani ra which is good as I already had the Kani Ra), Tehutti, Orkham, Gresh(stars), Ehlek, Kopaka (mistika), Chirox, Kazi, Balta, Gurrahk, Kurahk, Gahlok kal, Korak kal, and hordika Nokama. Also Swert from BS01 was so kinda and gave me that lovely shirt. Thanks again Swert!
 Also with the badges from Brickcon we get to chose what we put on it so for those who know the "Who ate all the pies" quote. Two thumbs up to you!
Now the last thing I got was this Bohrok Swarm Trading Card game sealed! So cool. Haven't gotten around to checking out how to play it but it did come with a black miru and a green akaku for the game pieces. Might do a whole post on this at some point. Only $12 American, now that's a good deal. Now I need to go get the other two.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Brickcon 2016 (Part 1)

So on the 28th of September of 2016 I myself and Hanahtu headed out to Brickcon in Seattle.
Was a long journey with our first stop being in a lovely forest. Met some familiar faces there.
Sadly it was but a short visit. However I did leave my mark there.
At last with my mark made I looked into the distance as to continue my journey.
 Half way threw the first day we had to take another stop for gas this time I stayed in the car to rest and hopefully hide from the Callan Narcotics (more on that later).
 Supper time and being the Canadians we were we stopped at the most appropriate place I we could think of.
 Finally the end of the day arrives and we get to the hotel. We are greeted by PurpleWolf who graciously gave us a room for the night. It was all I could of hoped for.
 Day 2 brought us across the border and into the USA. Looks kinda the same.
 Finally we arrive at Seattle.
 Now here we prepare for the weekend at the Bionicle display.
 During that time I met a great man some of you may know him. His name is Swert owner of BS01.
 Lots of great stuff happened at the convention which mostly involved sitting but I did get some great new sets. I'll talk more about the swag in part 2.
After Sunday came to a close I headed back to my friend PurpleWolf for a place to sleep on the home journey. It was my last hope.
 Now on the way back we hit a bit of a delay so Hanahtu,  myself, PurpleWolf, ElephantKnight and a bunch of others just all hung out and relaxed. (Man that's one cool Tarakava)
 I think ElephantKnight was really looking for a tan.
 Sadly we got interrupted by rax. The guy had way to much to drink. He and his sexy skrall friend both.
 Our driver at least was always on the ready.
Now about the Callan Narcotics. Threw the whole trip we kept bumping into these trucks which were sent by Callan to spy on us. He even slowed us down the one time we were in a hurry. The jerk. (Just to let all you folks know a story will come out of this so look for updates).