Saturday, 20 August 2016


All told, I have over 150 Bionicle MOCs built. I build until I can't build any figures. This tends to mean that the vast majority are not worth posting online. The odd time however, I do build (Or modify) a MOC, and I want to share. This here is Gelvar, and is one of those ones I want to share.

This guy has no back story at all. He is simply a soldier in the army of Lord Brakkon. (Have I mentioned him before? I think not... A post for another day, I guess)

Thursday, 18 August 2016

All them turaga masks

So while Hanahtu been collecting parts for sets I have been collecting masks to my collection. I had completed my toa's masks sets so the next step was to get all the turaga's. This also ended up with me having to get a Matau, Nuju and Whenua (which i also got sealed). I mean I couldn't have all their maks without the characters them selves now could I.
Now that this set of kanohi is completed it on to the nuva to complete which is almost there. Only missing four.Eventually I'll head off to gather up all those misprints (well most of them).


Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Putting together the collection.

I think I have mentioned this before, but over the years I have gathered a lot of Bionicle parts from used lots, such as Value Village, or members of my LUG who where getting rid of their Bionicles. This amounts to probably half my collection.

More often than not, I get random parts, very few complete sets. And when I do get complete sets, they tend to be ones I already own. But I also will simply not keep the set intact, and simply part it out. This parting out also happened to a couple of sets I got new (Mistika Tahu and Onua, the Hydruka and Stars Tahu)

I can change my mind on a whim. The most recent whim was to put together as many of those sets as I could. I was able to put together 16 sets, not all complete, but with the help of Bricklink, all are now almost all complete.

I had the ability to put together a couple more sets, but some important parts were used in some MOCs that I wasn't willing to take from.