Monday, 23 March 2015

Age range for Gen 2 compared to Gen 1

Greetings. I have had this thought in my mind for a while. is Generation 2 Bionicles really for a younger age group? Many have said it is for a younger age group. I once thought so but I am now believing that is not completely true. Now before you start thinking I'm sort of moron let me explain.

Here are the years of Bionicle and there age range

2001- Small 7+ Medium 7+ Large 8+

2002- Small 7+ Medium 7+ Large 8+ or 9+

2003- Small 7+ Medium 7+ Large 8+ or 9+

2004- Small 7+ Medium 7+ Large 8+

2005- Small 7+ Medium 7+ Large 8+

2006- Small 7-16 Medium 7-16 Large 8-16

2007- Small 7-16 Medium 7-16 Large 8-16

2008- Small 6-16 Medium 7-16 Large 9-19 or 10-16

2009- Small 6-16 Medium 7-16 Large 8-16 or 9-16 or 10-16

2012- Small 6-16

Now we reach our Generation 2

2015- Small 6-16 Medium 7-16 Large 8-16

So as we can see for the most part Bionicle has been for the range of 7-16 on average. In the first several years it was just for 7+ then it was given a cap to it's age at 16. With the reboot it's has been for on average 7-16. So with age range it's hasn't changes all that much. Small sets are the same age range as the last three years of Gen 1 and medium sets are still the same. Even the large (not really that large) for Gen 2 is the same as Gen 1. 

With the new book being revealed it says the age range is for 7-10 years at a grade reader level 2-5. If I am correct this is the same as the last books we got from Gen 1. o again about the same.

Now looking at the actual sets for complexity. Gen 1 had for it's small set was around 14-40 pieces and Gen 2 has so far has around 65. Medium sets from Gen 1 were about 40-60 and Gen 2 is at 66-145. Finally large we won't go into as Gen 1 we do clearly see is much greater in piece count than Gen 2 however my point still stand. Looking at piece counts Gen 2 has more pieces and say they are more complex.

So what I have concluded is that it is not meant for a younger age but rather it just seems like that to most for the fact that we have gone older (those fans who have been around for most on Gen 1) we expect more of a challenge but we have gone older so things are less challenging. When I first got the original Pohatu form Gen 1 I needed help to build him but now I would never have any problem. The system to the new Bionicles are about the same. Put a few pieces to make limbs and a few more to make a body. In fact Gen 2 has more complex bodies than the Toa Inika build. 

Again I believe that Gen 2 is just as complex as Gen 1 and is not meant for a younger age.


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Toa Art 5

Let's continue with the toaart shall we. Today I present Toa Atoro toa of Ice.
I for the most part am happy with this one except for the positioning of the toa. With his shield in front of him it a rather messy appearance but to late now. His arms sadly turned out black when trying to make them silver but kinda didn't work. Anyways hope you like it.


Saturday, 7 March 2015

Can Kopaka ever be not cool?

So randomly searching around the internet I came across this beautiful picture.
Now this picture I found by a video presentation on making it which can be found here. Just looking at the video it's amazing what one can do with a computer. This really to be just shows how cool Generation 2 Bionicle can be (visually). Sadly I have no where near the knowledge to create anything as great as my computer skills are terrible. 


Thursday, 5 March 2015

The Cave

Before we go into the history of all our islands, I shall introduce you to what is simply known as 'The Cave'.
Pohatu enters The Cave.

The Cave is not of our invention, rather, it is an invention of our older brother/s, back when they were into Bionicles. I can even trace it back to the year 2003, as that is when they got their first Toa Nuva.

So what is The Cave? Short answer, it is the explanation for everything. Long answer, it is, when we played with our Bionicle sets, how we could justify having two Tahus, two Pohatus, Two Vakamas, ect ect.

The cave works as thus: A single Toa (Let's say, Pohatu), walks in The Cave. A flash of light happens, then a newer, revamped version, int his case, Pohatu Nuva, emerges. Someplace else, the old versions appears. Early days had the early version appear with an infected Kanohi, or Krana, or some sort of mind control. Then we had another bad guy until we could be rescued. Villains were a bit short in those days.

The Cave disappeared for many years, probably around the time we realized we didn't have to use all of our doubles in games. But recently it has re-emerged. Because, basically, it can solve any problem Bionicle can through at us.

(On a side note, I drew that picture in an hour or so. Not bad, for being only my second ever Bionicle art work. And the first barely counts.)

Toa Art 4

Here is yet another Toa art. Meet Toa Moch toa of Iron.
This is personally my third of second favorite out of all of mine. The back ground is really sad but I wasn't trying hard to put something nice in it just something to fill up the empty space. Hope you people like it.


Monday, 2 March 2015

Our Universe comparison to canon universe

In the Bionicle universe there is the Great Spirit Mata Nui who is a giant robot in our universe big robo=no.
However there is a lot of similarities. Here is the setup of our universe which I’m calling the Trinity Universe in comparison to the Canon Universe.

The main difference is the lack of a giant robot and that Bara-Magna is an island to the West of the Matoran Universe (group of Islands that are the shape of Mata Nui). Also the island of Mata Nui is an island but farther to the NE from Metru Nui. As noticed there are other locations names and three islands to the East these represent the main islands from the Trinity Universe that are the center of story. So as far as locations go it’s mostly the same except there is no robot and a few added islands.

But what about the canon story?
The canon story fits into the Trinity Universe (TU) for the most part as anything that happens before the great cataclysm is the same and when the inheritance of Metru Nui left they still went to Mata Nui they just didn’t go above but rather just sailed farther on and all the events of Mata Nui also happened. As for the events of Mata Nui on Bara Magna well it is non-existent in the Trinity Universe as Mata Nui is just not really in the TU. These are the most notable differences that need to be nailed out, there are however many different aspects of Bara Manga but that is will be saved for another post as we will be going three all the new islands on the map in detail slowly then followed by characters and such. 

I should note that points in the story such as anything from 2006-2009 are slightly adapted and not officially figured out how they work as we know they did happen but of course there are some differences they just need to be fixed up a bit such as the Makuta or Karda Nui are still alive along with the rest so many little things. I’ll let Hanahtu post about duplicates and other stuff that shouldn’t be there such as “The Toa”.

Help this sheds some light on the basics of how the TU works in comparison to the canon universe.