Monday, 2 March 2015

Our Universe comparison to canon universe

In the Bionicle universe there is the Great Spirit Mata Nui who is a giant robot in our universe big robo=no.
However there is a lot of similarities. Here is the setup of our universe which I’m calling the Trinity Universe in comparison to the Canon Universe.

The main difference is the lack of a giant robot and that Bara-Magna is an island to the West of the Matoran Universe (group of Islands that are the shape of Mata Nui). Also the island of Mata Nui is an island but farther to the NE from Metru Nui. As noticed there are other locations names and three islands to the East these represent the main islands from the Trinity Universe that are the center of story. So as far as locations go it’s mostly the same except there is no robot and a few added islands.

But what about the canon story?
The canon story fits into the Trinity Universe (TU) for the most part as anything that happens before the great cataclysm is the same and when the inheritance of Metru Nui left they still went to Mata Nui they just didn’t go above but rather just sailed farther on and all the events of Mata Nui also happened. As for the events of Mata Nui on Bara Magna well it is non-existent in the Trinity Universe as Mata Nui is just not really in the TU. These are the most notable differences that need to be nailed out, there are however many different aspects of Bara Manga but that is will be saved for another post as we will be going three all the new islands on the map in detail slowly then followed by characters and such. 

I should note that points in the story such as anything from 2006-2009 are slightly adapted and not officially figured out how they work as we know they did happen but of course there are some differences they just need to be fixed up a bit such as the Makuta or Karda Nui are still alive along with the rest so many little things. I’ll let Hanahtu post about duplicates and other stuff that shouldn’t be there such as “The Toa”.

Help this sheds some light on the basics of how the TU works in comparison to the canon universe.


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