Monday, 23 March 2015

Age range for Gen 2 compared to Gen 1

Greetings. I have had this thought in my mind for a while. is Generation 2 Bionicles really for a younger age group? Many have said it is for a younger age group. I once thought so but I am now believing that is not completely true. Now before you start thinking I'm sort of moron let me explain.

Here are the years of Bionicle and there age range

2001- Small 7+ Medium 7+ Large 8+

2002- Small 7+ Medium 7+ Large 8+ or 9+

2003- Small 7+ Medium 7+ Large 8+ or 9+

2004- Small 7+ Medium 7+ Large 8+

2005- Small 7+ Medium 7+ Large 8+

2006- Small 7-16 Medium 7-16 Large 8-16

2007- Small 7-16 Medium 7-16 Large 8-16

2008- Small 6-16 Medium 7-16 Large 9-19 or 10-16

2009- Small 6-16 Medium 7-16 Large 8-16 or 9-16 or 10-16

2012- Small 6-16

Now we reach our Generation 2

2015- Small 6-16 Medium 7-16 Large 8-16

So as we can see for the most part Bionicle has been for the range of 7-16 on average. In the first several years it was just for 7+ then it was given a cap to it's age at 16. With the reboot it's has been for on average 7-16. So with age range it's hasn't changes all that much. Small sets are the same age range as the last three years of Gen 1 and medium sets are still the same. Even the large (not really that large) for Gen 2 is the same as Gen 1. 

With the new book being revealed it says the age range is for 7-10 years at a grade reader level 2-5. If I am correct this is the same as the last books we got from Gen 1. o again about the same.

Now looking at the actual sets for complexity. Gen 1 had for it's small set was around 14-40 pieces and Gen 2 has so far has around 65. Medium sets from Gen 1 were about 40-60 and Gen 2 is at 66-145. Finally large we won't go into as Gen 1 we do clearly see is much greater in piece count than Gen 2 however my point still stand. Looking at piece counts Gen 2 has more pieces and say they are more complex.

So what I have concluded is that it is not meant for a younger age but rather it just seems like that to most for the fact that we have gone older (those fans who have been around for most on Gen 1) we expect more of a challenge but we have gone older so things are less challenging. When I first got the original Pohatu form Gen 1 I needed help to build him but now I would never have any problem. The system to the new Bionicles are about the same. Put a few pieces to make limbs and a few more to make a body. In fact Gen 2 has more complex bodies than the Toa Inika build. 

Again I believe that Gen 2 is just as complex as Gen 1 and is not meant for a younger age.


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