Tuesday, 24 February 2015

MOC find

So I found this awesome MOC of Turaga Dume and Nivawkbuilt for the BBC #69 at BZPower.
As owning the original set I can safely say this is a great rendition of it and a wonderful upgrade. I love how Nivawk is nice and filled up as the set was lacking in a solid build but was full of giant gaps. There is much to say about this MOC but I'll just let you look at the pictures on Flicker and make your own judgments.  Flicker link

Toa Art 3

Continuing with my "toa art" we have up next is Toa Bumbus
As my third attempt I quite like it. No he is a toa of magnetism not earth just in case there was some confusion. Will get some bios for the toa soon once I explain how the universe works which should come sometime next month if all goes well. 

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Makuta Flakes

So Onvermel and I were discussing a topic on BZPower, one about the best Makuta and I mentioned that Teridax is "The Orginal and the best". I was quoting the tagline for Corn Flakes, and thus, this was born.
Yeah, it's not the best photoshop job, but I'm not an expert at this sort of photo manipulation. For some extra fun, look at the top right corner, if you haven't already.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Toa art 2

Well as I have not yet gotten pictures of my mocs I shall continue to post my art work of my toa. So up next is toa Gornyl
This was the second one I did on a summer day with nothing else to do. I think it turned out much nicer than Onvermels. Hope you like it and stay tuned for more!

Friday, 13 February 2015

Talk about timing!

So I was on my way to some location that isn't important to this blog, And I had about 20 minutes to kill, so I spur of the moment decided to check the local Value Village. Lo and behold, I found 4 Toa Metru, a tiny bit of a Hero Factory set, and, the cherry on top of it, a partial Exo-Toa!

Now, 4 Toa Metru. what became of them? well, since I didn't own a Onewa or Nokama (Well, one that was built, anyways) I just kept them. the Whenua is replacing my old one, as this one is in much greater condition, and as for the Nuju, he was 'scrapped' and has now become a Toa of Electricity.
Some parts of the pictures Exo-Toa were not in the find, I just put them there when assembling.

As for the partial Exo-Toa, I used it, plus my 98% of my other one, to finally complete my Exo-Toa! set. I am debating on what to do with the remainder of the extra one, though my brother (Not Onvermel, another one) has expressed interest in acquiring it

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Toa art 1

So today I shall start showing my art work of the members of my universes toa teams.
No this is me (rather my Avatar) in his original form and his original name Onupurple(name sucks but I was rather uninventive with naming which is why I changed it to Onvermel). Not great drawing but this was my first and I don't draw very often so what would you expect. For those who can't read the Bionicle language he is saying "I understand the gravity of the situation" very cheesy I know. Hopefully once I get rolling with the blog I will start getting into more depth into the characters and explain his old name and his new one but for now I'll hold of.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

"In the time before time"

Greetings. Talking with Toa Hanahtu I came up with this parody of the opening lines of'The Mask of Light'. May not be great or even that funny but had fun and thought you folks would like it.

"In the time before time (or when Bionicle started) the great spirit descended upon carry we called matoran to this paradise (Lego released Bionicles to the crazy people of the world). We were divided and with out purpose (Lego fans were bored as there was no good Lego at the time and had no reason to talk to each other) but the great spirit illuminated us with the three virtues Unity, Duty and Destiny (Lego gave us something new with three great things, action figures, great back story, and a reason to continue to buy Lego). But Mata Nui's brother the makuta (other types) became jealous of these gifts and betrayed him (came back with similar stories and action figures) and put him into a deep sleep (Hero Factory) Now Makuta was free to unless his shadow and unleash them he did. (Lego was allowed to release a poor excuse for Bionicle predecessors Hero Factory and put them on the shelves they did)."

Note:Now just in case in case there is any Hero Factory fans reading this I want to let you know I actually liked Hero Factory however I thought it would be funny and besides this is a Bionicle blog so please do not look at this as me insulting Hero Factory. 

Thank You


Intro time

"While Jaller Toa Onvermel makes history, you we shall record it (On this blog)"

Yeah, a mangled quite from The Mask of Light is a great way to kick of this blog! My name is Toa Hanahtu, and while Onvermel, my brother, is the creator of this blog, I am the older of the Toa brothers!
That's me. Errr, sorta....

As is the case with my Gravity friend, my first Bionicle set came on Dec 25th, 2001, but mine was Turaga Vakama! I have been a fan of Bionicle since I got my first one, though it has been the story that has kept me hooked, more so than the actual sets (Thought hings went off the tails a bit after the reveal of the Giant Robot. Meh.)
Ain't he cute?

I would have to say my favorite Bionicle set is impossible to find, as I don't really know, but I shall just choose Toa Onua, in his original form.

He was actually the 4th of the Mata Toa I got, but since Tahu and Kopaka was taken already in my family (Long story, you will hear about it sometime) I was stuck with Onu, and the little dirt Fellow grew on me. And I got his Golden Pakari in my second Mask set. That helped.

With that, this blog is officially off the ground (Unless Onvermel says otherwise)


Welcome readers to the 'Onvermel Report" were we the Toa Brothers of Alberta shall chronicle the world of the Bionicle canon and none canon. The purpose of this blog is to share me and my brother's own creations, art, story content, bios and anything else form our Bionicle universe. We will also being looking at the new reboot of Bionicle and the original universe as well by possible set review and any random thoughts we want to share.

In short this blog is for anything and everything Bionicle that we want to post.

Intro time!

So I am Toa Onvermel founder of the 'Onvermel Report' kinda obvious by the name. I myself have been following the Bioncile universe and story since basically the beginning in 2001 and been a part time collector.  I really enjoy building Bionicles and writing history and back stories to my own universe (which is kinda part of the canon one, will post about that in a later post). I have also done some drawing and attempted a bit of stop motion (no idea if that will ever turn out well enough to be featured).

Going into more about me my first Bionicle set was set 8542 Turaga Onewa which I received as a Christmas present in 2001.

My favorite set would have to be 8531 Pohatu. Who happened to be my second set that I got a week or two later. A large reason he is my favorite is out of nostalgia and his personality in the story was always appealing.  

So now you know a little about me I hope that you visit often as we will try to post on a regular basis.