Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Toa

What happens when you cross Bionicle with Doctor Who?

You get time traveling Toa who wears the mask of Time. Duh!

So why is he a Toa of Light? Why not? Well, because the Vahi comes in gold, mostly. I thought about orange as a Toa of fire, but it just didn't fit

One day, when the Doctor was traveling, we went through a cave (Previously talked about), had a brief rest, and went on his way. what he did not know, was that this cave makes duplicates, and the Doctor, being a Time Lord, and also having a TARDIS with him, didn't notice the change. The duplicate, however obviously noticed the changes. he tried to get back, but the TARDIS also changed, and he wasn't able to get back to his own universe (Somehow the cave sent the Bionicle Doctor to the Bionicle Universe, and the Normal Doctor stayed in his regular one.) Confused and alone, The Doctor wandered about until he met a female Toa of Gravity, Toa Otua, and she was able to answer many questions the Doctor had, but was unable to tell him how to get home. Deciding he couldn't go home with his new appearance, he took Toa Otua with him (As he had just saved her life) and set out to explore this brand new Universe.

More information to come, such as why he now calls himself  The Toa!

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