Friday, 3 July 2015

Species Report: The Raxes

Okay, I haven't told my brother yet, but here is the first of our SR (That's Species Report)

Introducing, the RAXES!

Species Name: Rax, Raxes,
A typical Rax specimen.

Home Island: Stellerax

Average Height: Medium

Powers: Various

Brief Summary: The Raxes are a fairly easy going species, which is why they were conquered by the notorious Orange and Black. Most Raxes of various elements live in the main city, Raxia City. A training centre, or school, known as Rax High has almost the same population of the actual "city". A few outlying villages are scattered around the island, namely Ta-Rax, Po-Rax, Le-Rax, and Ko-Rax. The population of the villages are quite small. All Raxes at some point go the the school, as it is a fun place to be! (Not to mention a great place to learn stuff) Not many rahi roam the island, and none are unique to Stellerax. All Raxes have a power, though it often isn't a normal elemental based power. Most Raxes are named after their power, ie, the Snifferax has a super sense of smell.

Notable Members: Snifferax, Fireax, Teleportax, Little Green Rax, Tacklerax, Teleportax, Poisonrax, Announcarax.

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