Tuesday, 31 May 2016

About time

So since 2001 the Game "Quest for Mata Nui" has been around yet me and Hanahtu have only now actually gotten around to playing it for the first time.  We always had a copy of the game when we were younger but it was incomplete as it was missing the dice, instruction manual and I believe some of the board pieces however we think it had extra ones from a second set but we cannot prove it as we have since lost that version. Hanahtu only found this copy a few weeks ago.

So we never played it out of uninterested but because we physically couldn't.  So not that much shame for us as Bionicle fans.
 The layout of the map was interesting needles to say.  (Below is my tokens I had when I finished)
 The game was played by myself, Hanahtu and our other brother. Luckily I won the first game between us. Of course if any remember my favorite toa is Pohatu so I obviously played as him(not that is matters in the end who you are).
 and of course I get to wear Makuta's lair as I won. (Can't see this catching on)

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