Monday, 20 June 2016

More on Mint Whenua

So, as Onvermel mentioned, I like collecting the black Bionicles, and recently(ish...) bought a mint Whenua off of Bricklink. A thing in our family of 7 kids, we sort of split up the Bionicles by colour. Oldest brother took Rad, as Tahu was the coolest, Other older one took Kopaka, The sisters kind of shared Gali, as they weren't so into Bionicles. Even though I am not the youngest, I sort of ended up with the Earth Bioncles, which then grew on me, and now I consider them my favorites (Usually). Since I was a bit late in 'grabbing a colour', I never managed to get Whenua when they were still out in stores. Some number of years ago )I cannot recall when exactly, but no earlier than 2005) I purchased a used one off of Bricklink. When Green-Favorite-Brother bought some mint sets off of bricklink, I saw Whenua, and my chance to get my hands on a sealed Whenua.

 Unlike some people, I didn't keep him sealed. I just opened him right up. Why? Mostly because I wanted to see his poster. It was, after all, the first sealed Whenua anyone in my family acquired (So it was the first time any of us saw the box too, I guess)

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