Monday, 18 July 2016

Value Village Hunting

So yesterday Hanahtu and myself went hunting for Bionicle sets at all the Value Villages in Calgary which contains four of them. We were able to find stuff and the first three stores which ended up with this pile.
Not a bad haul at all as the first stop had about nine of the bags which included all but one of the canisters.

We were able to piece together four complete sets that included Garan, Zesk, Raanu, Lehrak and Gali.
Then there was an almost complete red vahki only missing it's disk even with it's canister. Were were able to piece together these hunks of sets about half of which we will be trying to complete with other parts of our and the other half will be scrapped.
However the best part (in my own opinion) was finding a pohatu canister with the "CD ROM" logo on the side as I been meaning to aquire one but are not the easiest things to find and finding it at a thrift store made it all the better.
Finally the rest of the bags were filled with some Hero Factory, Ben 10, a tiny bit of Lewa Master of Jungle, some mega and to my delight this little guy.
Not a bad find at three Value Villages. We did also stop by a few other retailers to find these. The Graphic Novel 1 is Hanatu's and the Activity book is mine. (I know have all of Gen 2 books to my knowledge.)

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