Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Bricklink order and the many bags of Hewkii

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So about two and half weeks ago Hanahtu and myself did a bricklink order to gather sets to our collections. All of which are shown just below and all were sealed. They were a very reasonable price and fantastic to build and open sealed Gen 1 sets.

A nice little surprise that came with Matoro and Kopeke was this lovely Rahksi poster. Only those two sets and not the rest. Also to note these were ordered from Europe and out of all of us siblings (7) here in Canada never got one of these posters from any of our old 2003 matoran that we got back in 2003. I think it must be a Europe things. Still find it weird that it was just two of them. Odd. 

Another thing to note it that it was nice to have it be the same size at the Turaga, Toa, Tohunga and Bohrok Va posters.
Now looking at that Tohunga Hewkii. Those sets were originally from McDonald's in 2001 and such was branded with the McDonald's logo as such on the bag. Now I got one about 5ish years back and it didn't have the logo and also didn't have the same poster rather it had a smaller sized instructions with the Rakshi poster for is poster. Same design as the one above. (comparison photos below of the two versions). So I wanted to get one that actually was from McDonald's so I could get the poster. Now this new one did have the poster but something was odd. No McDonald's logo on the bag....I've seen versions with the logo on the bag so I know those exist. So both of the two I've ordered sealed neither of them actually came from the fast food restaurant.

I find it odd there are three versions of this one set. One obviously came from McD and I think the kind with the small poster came from giveaways in a mall/malls in Europe. I think I remember hearing/reading that somewhere. Now for the kind that has the regular poster but no McDonald's logo I have no idea where it came from. My only guess would be in Europe the McD ones didn't have the logo but in North America they did. If not then I am plain confused.

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