Saturday, 12 November 2016

MOC Hanahtu Toa of Stone

So Hanahtu had posted his self MOC a while back. Now it's my turn to post his self MOC So continuing my trend of post members of the Toa Eceip I present Toa Hanahtu Toa of Stone. (my version).

More pictures can be found here

So some may remember Toa Hanahtu's own version and notice a lot of similarities. Really the main difference is the style of build.  16334682066_e56d1b1a56_z.jpg

A bit of back story is well Onvermel and Xalax (I'll post him soon) found him on a desert island with no memory of his past while they were looking for more toa to join their team. Seeing he had no team and befriended them he joined the Toa Eceip as their 7th member. He was called Hanahtu by Xalax as he reminded him of a very handsome toa of stone he knew about. Lining the sound of that Hanahtu went with it.

Hope you folks like him.


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