Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Feels like highway robery

So on the weekend Hanahtu came across a lot of Bionicles online by the help of our sister Mithra Nui. The whole lot was for $200 CA and this is what we got.
 This was all the parts left over. You can see there is a couple visorak chunks as well as a hero factory set Waspix(I think that's what it's called)
 Then there is this hug batch of toa, toa nuva, bohrok, rakshi, vahki, toa metru, a couple toa hordika and metru nui matoran. Most of the sets in this picture are complete. Also those two trans orange masks are pretty nice.
 We also got all the generation 2 sets. Only a couple parts were missing to Tahu's shadow trap but the rest is all there which means my Makuta combo "set" is now complete as well of Hanahtu missing only Lava Beast. (And yes at the time of the picture the tree was still up but was taken down shortly after)
 In the left of this picture is incomplete rakshi and toa some of which have been mixed and matched. To the right are one complete Nui Rama set and incomplete one and a small chunk to a fifth rama. This worked out great as earlier Hanahtu and I split one up before so now we a complete set each.
 Here were all the titans, piraka, inika, and small sets like Turaga, Tohunga, Voya Nui Matoran, and the only Bohrok Va. This was the group that helped most for my collection as I got Hahkan, Vesok, Thok, Inika Jaller, Inika Nuparu (for now), Irnakk and the Bohrok Va
Finally there was also this guy which came from the "Battle of Metru Nui" play set from 2005. Pretty cool to have this I must say.

Over all this for the amount of money kinda felt like robbery but hey I'm not complaining. Splitting it three ways with Hanahtu, Leseff and I made it pretty cheap for each of us.

On a side not I was also able to acquire another krana and a couple more kraata to add to my collection.

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