Tuesday, 10 January 2017


Well as we have seen before I have collected all the turaga and toa masks after a lot of time and money spent. Now its' the nuva's turn (sorta). As we can see I've finally gotten all of their regular six however I am still missing two silver, I do have Lewa Nuva's silver but it was/is on a moc right now and wasn't in the picture. I do plan to get a second at some point as to have a complete collection for display.
 Once the Nuva are done the only real other masks I plan to collect are the rest of the turaga misprints and the trans light blue kaukau. Once those are their it's all about getting doubles of mask so I can have one of each on display.
Yes there are masks that I will never own such as the white huna, yellow ruru, and other really rare and impossible to get. However I don't really consider them essential to having a complete collection of masks as those other ones are just so uncommon and aren't part of a set or mask. 

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