Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Bionicle fans are wierd

So over the past year or so I've been able to observe Bionicle fans in their natural habitat. The internet! Being able to observe this I have noticed just how weird they are. Mainly in the fact that most seem to not be able to accept that Bionicle is done because it just didn't work. I constantly see post and discussions about what could have been done and what the 'real" reason they failed. They keep coming up with silly ideas of how it failed compared to Gen 1. I've seen it all now from the fact they had no canister to blaming the marketing. Really I can't say what it was and I never will unless Lego tells us but what annoys me is the fact that people can't seem to live with this idea that we might never know and it could just be as simple as kids just didn't really like it. Maybe Bionicle just isn't a popular thing. Even if it was just like Gen 1 it may have still ended.

A bit of a rant but I truly wish people would just leave it be and except the fact that it's over and there is nothing we can or could of done about it.


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