Monday, 10 October 2016

Makuta 2016 Combo model

So seeing as we never got a 2016 Makuta set I figured may as well go with the flow and build the combo model that is as close as we can get to an official model of him. However I could not find a Umarak the Hunter so he is still missing some stuff such as a blade for his left arm, the mask of control, some black armor which is replaced by extra trans orange, and a few other small part here and there.

I must say he is quite the interesting build as well as a interesting looking model. He's large and imposing which is always nice and decently poseable. I am however a little disappointing in his arms as they seem a little skinny and his body looks just a little fat. I guess he's been eating to many pizza pops. Also I wish they had used the trans purple pieces instead of trans orange as it would have felt more accurate for Makuta. I feel it wouldn't of been to hard seeing as Onua, Quake Beast, and the creature of earth all have purple. So just using Quake beast instead of Tahu and the creature of fire use Quake beast and the creature of earth. I bet the designer could of come up with basically the same result. However overall I am happy with it and am glad to add it to my 2016 collection. 


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