Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Callan's Curse-Prologue

 -Note this is what I meant to about the Callan Narcotics leading to something.-

"It all started many months ago. I was looking at my mask collection and realized that the misprints of the Ruru's and Matatu's were needed for my collection.". With this thought PurpleWolf knew what he had to do he must go search out Bricklink to acquire these masks. 

However when looking on Bricklink he was faced a problem for none were for sale! "Noooooooo"! he screamed out "who could do this to me"? 

Suddenly the answer came to him. It was Callan! "Curse you Callan"!

"So Callan it's you who has all the Rurus eh? Well I swear on my fedora that I will hunt you down and claim what should have been rightfully mine". With that his adventure begins. 

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