Saturday, 22 October 2016

More Posters for the wall!

A while back I contacted our older siblings to see if they would be willing to hand down their old Bionicle posters, as they no longer seemed to have much interest in their Bionicle collection. A couple weeks ago, Hau One (Who lives many, many Kios away) was recently visiting because of Canadian Thanksgiving, and he found where his were. He kindly donated them to our wall.
The Hanahtu side.

Posters acquired were 3 Toa, Onua, Pohatu, and Tahu, 2 Turaga, Onewa and Vakama, 2 Bohrok Va, Pahrak and Tahnok, and the mask list. I got the Pohatu (As it didn't have the stripe at the bottom with all the Toa, so no all my Toa posters match) and the two Va posters. Onvermel got the rest.
The Onvermel side.

As for the posters belonging to Lost Matoran and Mithra Nui, Well, they both have said they know where they are, and both would consider parting with them. If that is the case, then both Onvermel and myself will have all 6 Toa posters, will both be missing one Turaga poster (Maybe, we aren't entirely sure which Turaga ones Lost Matoran had) as well as a couple more Va. Oh, and I should complete my Mata Matoran posters to match Onvermel. Sadly, none of our older siblings have any of the Mctoran posters. The only ones any of us had were acquired by buying a set off of Bricklink.

To our count, there are 30 posters (Plus some others, but they aren't cool) Six Toa, 6 Turaga, 6 Mctoran, 6 Mata Matoran, and 6 Bohrok Va. Currently, Onvermel has 19, and I have 15. Onvermel has the lead due to him having the complete set of the Mata Matoran, and one more Turaga. We have equal amounts of Toa (The exact same 4, even) and both have two Mctoran and three Va.

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