Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Recent acquisitions

So over the last few weeks I've acquired some more special collectables. The trans-clear mask of fire from 2015 which arrived in the mail actually just in time for Brickcon. By this I mean the day before we left. While at Brickcon I was also able to pick up a gold vahi and the disk of time.
 I was also able to get a few more krana kal for collecting but those aren't as interesting. Also seeing as Hanahtu had a gold vahi for his toa I decided to compare the two as his always was a little brighter than other gold parts. The result being a slight colour variant with mine (being on the right) as a regular shade of dark gold while Hanahu's (on the left) being a little brighter. In person it's a little easier to see however I feel as the photo shows it well enough. 

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