Thursday, 13 October 2016

Dentar-1st Stage

So I have begun the process the building or rather rebuilding my largest Bionicle character Dentar. Dentar I first created in April 2008 an it was well...Really bad.

He was in basically me wanting to build the largest Bionicle in the family which I did. Sadly in those days my building skills and collection size were both pretty dismal so he was crap. I did try a second time but he wasn't that more interesting
This guy was larger and overall better but still crappy. Now I have revisited the idea of building a large figure who's name is Dentar. So far I have an arm and part of the frame of the body.
 Looks much better in person so I'll probably try getting pictures for the next update. My only real goals are for him is a to be at LEAST two feet tall and acceptable to my standards of builds. 

So here's to probably a lot of trial and error plus not having enough pieces for him right now.


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