Friday, 28 October 2016

Self MOC, Elephant Knight

You have already seen this guy in a post by Onvermel, but I figured it was time to actually properly introduce my Self MOC. (No, I'm not lazy.....Just busy.)

I can basically describe this guy as a Blacktron Elephant Jedi/Sith Pirate Bionicle. Whcih means That I have the ability to post him across my three blogs (This one, Color it Blacktron, [which I did], and my kind of defunct A Pirate Brick for Me)

This is is unique among all my MOCs, as he doesn't fit into my (And Onvermel's) personal universe. Still, it had to be done. as he combines all of my Lego loves

I am most proud of his head, it turned out very well.

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