Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Brickcon 2016 (Part 1)

So on the 28th of September of 2016 I myself and Hanahtu headed out to Brickcon in Seattle.
Was a long journey with our first stop being in a lovely forest. Met some familiar faces there.
Sadly it was but a short visit. However I did leave my mark there.
At last with my mark made I looked into the distance as to continue my journey.
 Half way threw the first day we had to take another stop for gas this time I stayed in the car to rest and hopefully hide from the Callan Narcotics (more on that later).
 Supper time and being the Canadians we were we stopped at the most appropriate place I we could think of.
 Finally the end of the day arrives and we get to the hotel. We are greeted by PurpleWolf who graciously gave us a room for the night. It was all I could of hoped for.
 Day 2 brought us across the border and into the USA. Looks kinda the same.
 Finally we arrive at Seattle.
 Now here we prepare for the weekend at the Bionicle display.
 During that time I met a great man some of you may know him. His name is Swert owner of BS01.
 Lots of great stuff happened at the convention which mostly involved sitting but I did get some great new sets. I'll talk more about the swag in part 2.
After Sunday came to a close I headed back to my friend PurpleWolf for a place to sleep on the home journey. It was my last hope.
 Now on the way back we hit a bit of a delay so Hanahtu,  myself, PurpleWolf, ElephantKnight and a bunch of others just all hung out and relaxed. (Man that's one cool Tarakava)
 I think ElephantKnight was really looking for a tan.
 Sadly we got interrupted by rax. The guy had way to much to drink. He and his sexy skrall friend both.
 Our driver at least was always on the ready.
Now about the Callan Narcotics. Threw the whole trip we kept bumping into these trucks which were sent by Callan to spy on us. He even slowed us down the one time we were in a hurry. The jerk. (Just to let all you folks know a story will come out of this so look for updates).

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